Nicolai Hertle Product & Interior Design

13 - Now
Workshop management and development at Fab Lab Berlin.

Cofounder of Makea Industries GmbH.

12 - Now
Self employed as Product Designer.
Clients: a.o. Kidney Karen, Mikili, Vice, Aimbush , Brandung, Kim Wang, Betahaus Berlin, Jemedo, Wommelsdorff-Berlin, BEST, Maki, Bankleer, Jawu, Dittmar & Friends.

11 - 13
Tutor for computer aided design and manufacturing at the rapid prototyping workshop of Berlin Weißensee School of Art.

10 - 12
Assistant designer at Schubladen in the field of custom-made furniture design.

09 - Now
Student of Product Design at Berlin Weißensee School of Art.

07 - 09
Self employed as carpenter in Freiburg, Germany
Field of activity: cabinetmaking, interiorfitting, shopfitting
Clients: a. o. Ganter Interior, K&U Bäckerei, Gebäudemanagement Freiburg.

06 - 07
Technical instructor for joinery at the Baobab Children School for arts and trades in Kissi, Ghana.

02 - 05
Apprentice at the training center for sculpture and cabinetmaking in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria.